My name is
Roy Meyer.

I practice Judo at the top level and represent the Netherlands as a heavyweight judoka on the largest judo tournaments, European Championships, World Championships and Rio 2016. I was born in Breda and here I too lived most of my childhood.

I was a small child as energetic as a hurricane. For me of course wonderful but for my environment at home and at school sometimes exhausting. Enough reason to go looking for a sport that suited me energy level. 'm Around my 7th put on football by my parents and I did not mind because this my peers did. But I really did not need years to understand that this would be my sport. This became quite clear after I tried during a game with the ball in my hands for the purpose of running my opponents.

You would think that rugby would be a logical conclusion. But my mother heard from a friend that a judo club (Majaheicha Ryu) was in Breda, where classes were taught by a 'master of pedagogy "Mr. William Cobben. Thus, I went to try it again. At my first judo lesson I was the tatami not resigned yet and I was struck by two powerful hands on my shoulders and so lifted half a meter in the air by passing the sentence: "Look at a guy with one good physically on you I have waited" After a after 1 to 2 years I had some ties further, I noticed that I was a lot stronger than my peers, as already meejudo├źn in the large group within a year. Meanwhile, I got my orange belt and I got the match-tatami on. oh ooh what I found exciting but I still won almost all of my party. And I found it very fun.

Around my 10th I fell on my shoulder top in the final of the team district championship and this resulted in a fracture. This was the first time I sustained a serious blesure and I was there quite shocked. My parents had been separated for a while, it was financially not good and I was regularly in trouble outdoors. I have at my 17th / 18th undergone a difficult period in which I had to move constantly from boarding school to boarding school.


At one point I was ready, and I began to yearn for more fulfillment in my life. This may be yet not I thought to myself. There must be more. So I'm gradually going to start again with judo and studying. I had no qualifications at VMBO. So I had to start at MBO level 1. Now I'm almost finished studying at Level 3/4. CIOS Personal Trainer / Fitness Manager.


At one point took a good friend whom I knew from my first club (majaheicha Ryu), Bruno Culo, me to an A tournament with open enrollment. Where I come to my own surprise inside took the silver medal. I was the highest-ranking judokas in the Netherlands aged -20.

Here began my long journey in the game / Topjudo. My first major success achieved. What I found amazing!

I was in my 1st Junior European Championships and even though I was there 1st round forward. I still remember how great it was. Police escorts, a high stage in the Armenian mountains. Yes, I want this, I thought my verliespot and beholding the finals. Here I want to be. Here I want to win. I can be part of such greatness. I quickly went to one of the best clubs in the Netherlands, Rotterdam Budokan, and am a trainer of Mark vd Ham and Chris Short went.


After years of toil and 1derhalf refrain I was under 20 years at the European Championships CHAMPION! What a magical feeling this. Until the moment of today I feel confirmation of my hopes and dreams that were a piece already there fulfilled. Gold!

As befits an athlete I kept my head cool and I knew that this would be only the beginning of my journey as a Judoka. I started training even harder and was slightly later 3rd World in Agadir -20. This was nice but just felt like a confirmation of what I wanted. Even better. To see more. Still win more. After 2 years I repeated again and the trick. The end of 2012 was again European Champion but under 23 years!